11 Ways to Relax That Aren’t Exercise or Meditation

This article originally appeared on ManRepeller.com

By Haley Nahman

Everyone I know, including myself, is busy and distracted on an infinite loop. It’s a curious conundrum, considering we’re all armed with more than enough information on how to de-stress. But the “surprising benefits” of exercisemeditation and work-life balance, documented ad nauseam, are beginning to feel like drawn-out humblebrags. Sometimes, they just seem insurmountable. And try as we might to convince ourselves that binge-watching TV helps, I don’t know anyone who feels refreshed after two+ episodes.

I wanted a pocketful of ways to take the edge off that don’t feel so intimidating, patronizing or, worse, counterproductive. So I asked the team to tell me how they do it. What little practices do they have in their arsenal to genuinely get off their mental hamster wheels? What actually works?

Read on to see what they told me and then share yours, too.

  1. Rearrange furniture

“I rearrange all of the art and furniture and items in my apartment and usually do some sort of cleaning out of something (books, clothes, kitchen cabinets) in the process. My brain enters this hyper-relaxed state where I’m actively considering space and meaning and emotion but in a non-literal language that makes my mind kind of…hum? Does that make sense? And then I blink and it’s been four hours and I have a few missed calls and emails but I don’t care because I feel wonderful.”

2. Go for an ice cream walk

“What is an ice cream walk? Great question. The process is pretty simple. Step one: exit your abode to go for a walk. Step two: walk toward an ice cream shop — any ice cream shop. Step three: order an ice cream. Step four: eat ice cream. Impromptu walks are one of my favorite ways to clear my head, but adding ice cream into the mix makes it feel like an intentional way of treating myself, literally and figuratively. I recommend Van Leeuwen if you happen to be ice cream-walking in NYC.”

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How to Survive a Hangover at Work

Because it happens to the best of us….this article originally appeared on TheCoveteur.com

By: Noah Lehava

It’s a tale as old as time: “I’ll just have one drink” turns to tequila shots, a hoola hoop contest that you can’t remember willingly entering, and questionable slice(s) of pizza from the only joint open at 3am on a Tuesday night. At the time, the latter seemed like a logical choice; it’ll suck up all the booze, right?

Four hours later, your usual soft crescendo alarm sounds more like a fire truck at the foot of your bed, and the light of your iPhone screen is searingly blinding. You’re hungover, and you have to go to work. Great. Which is why we’ve put together a survival kit of sorts to help you get through a day hungover at the office.




Okay, so this might sound counterintuitive, but waking up with more than 15 min to get ready and out the door is the only way you’re going to survive today. Start it off at an easy pace, and give yourself time to drink all the water you can.


Steam is key. Draw near-scalding water to create a pseudo sauna in your shower to sweat out all the toxins you took in the night before. You’ll feel more refreshed and put together, too.


Don’t know about you, but the idea of eating a salad when hungover is right up there with doing your expenses. No thanks. Instead, try getting your fill with a smoothie packed with vegetables and fruit (avoid dairy, because, well, just think about it). Refueling with the good stuff that’s full of vitamins will give you more energy and get your body back into its human state.




Coffee, tea, water, all of the above. Triple fist.


Find a cubicle, boardroom, or take an extra long lunch to be alone for a little bit. Some time away from your high-energy workplace is just what you need to get your shit together and back into the zone.

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The 10 Secrets of One Unflappable Working Mother

This article originally appeared on RealSimple.com

Chances are, work-life balance is your most elusive goal. But it’s not impossible.

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How To Become A Super Organized Person

This article originally appeared on CareerGirlDaily.com


Are you the kind of girl who has all your ducks in a row? Or are you more chaotic? Struggling to find your keys? Tripping over pavements and being late for appointments? Yeah, we feel you, it’s hard to be on top of everything every day. But Planning out your time and being efficient is essential for any working girl. It will help you stay on top of work, as well as get ahead in the office. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you are just by changing up a few things in your daily routine. Consider me your fairy godmother – ‘cos I’m about to change your life.

These are the tips I used to become more organized and on top of it all!

Stock up on supplies!

Planners, ledgers, notebooks, whichever you prefer – stock up! Writing down to do lists, and planning your day is a perfect way to ensure time efficiency and keep you on top of your work. Notebooks are also great if you have a new business plan, as you can set out your goals and targets, and make sure you’re following them. Why not check out our own book on how to create a successful blogThe Ultimate Blog Plan!

Give yourself a break

Spending a few hours a day dedicated to some you time are a great way of keeping you on track of things. Being able to say goodbye to the stresses of work, and keep calm in a fast paced environment will keep you on top of everything going on, and this means less chaos following you around. The less stress in your life – the more organization!

Give yourself a fake deadline

All of us are guilty of leaving things to the last minute at least once. Ok, maybe more than once. How stressed did that leave you? When you don’t prepare, things rarely go one hundred percent according to plan. If you’re guilty of that, give yourself an earlier deadline and make that your final and only deadline. For example, your dissertation is due on the 20th July. Your deadline is the 1st July. No excuses.

Get your squad involved

It’s always easier to get things done with the help of others. Having friends remind you of events and upcoming dates is a great way to stay organized, and you can return the favor! We’re all human and are bound to forget important things from time to time! But keeping your squad up to date with your life helps you all support each other, and your girls will never let you fall behind!

Being organized is easy when you make it fun. Soon you’ll be shocked you were never this on top of things!

Written by Hope Turner


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Hey cancer, you’re not my party pooper

Today should be my friend Lara’s 50th birthday, but, y’know; cancer came just over a year and a half ago and took away the opportunity for that party.

I feel full of joy for today though and my heart sings to have had someone so fabulous in my life for over 25 years. Grief is a weird one; it really tries to batter you down, like an emotional bully. And you let it push you into a corner and beat you with its sorrow, anger, confusion and heartbreak. You let it cripple you until all you feel is numb and empty and frankly, pointless.
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The One Thing Working Women Don’t Discuss – & Should

This article originally appeared on Refinery29.uk

Otegha Uwagba

I’m sitting with Otegha Uwagba and she is breaking a taboo. It’s not sex, not drugs but cold, hard cash that we’re talking about. “People find money really awkward but I try to encourage women to talk about salaries,” she says. “I think you’d be surprised at how many people are relieved when you do.”

The idea of swapping salaries might make you squirm but Otegha’s brand, Women Who, is all about addressing issues head-on. Founded in 2016, the platform was born when Otegha, who held posts in advertising at Vice and AMV BBDO, found that she lacked creative fulfilment while she was working in male-dominated environments. She explains: “I think I took for granted the fact that most of my most rewarding and productive working relationships had been with other women.” Otegha decided to establish a network for women like her – “women who were still figuring things out” – and today, Women Who connects people through a weekly newsletter and events that include design masterclasses and group visits to the V&A. There are no barriers to entry; the aim is to make solid business acumen readily available worldwide.

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Coffee has some serious health benefits — here’s how to maximize them

We  pretty much run on caffeine here. Luckily, it’s good for us! Check out this article from Mic.com about how to maximize the benefits of coffee!


It’s 10:30 a.m. on a weekday and you’re already working on your third cup of coffee. You know that caffeine doesn’t just help keep you from curling up under your desk and taking a nap — it makes you more productive in the long run.

Researchers know all this too. According to one review of scientific research on caffeine, published in the journal Nutrition, caffeine — coffee’s not-so-secret weapon — improves focus, problem-solving skills, reaction time, decision accuracy and general cognitive function. Plus, it decreases mental fatigue.

But you might not know that caffeine doesn’t actually boost energy levels. Rather, caffeine blocks your body’s adenosine receptors, so you feel as if you have more energy, Georgie Fear, registered dietitian and author of Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss, said in an email. “When active, your adenosine receptors perform essential functions related to sleep and suppressing arousal. So by blocking this ‘chill out’ pathway, the central nervous system is stimulated.”

And, caffeine aside, most people underestimate the fact that coffee hydrates you — just as well as water, according to a 2014 study from University of Birmingham researchers in the U.K. That hydration can only help your brain cells do their thing, said Bonnie Taub-Dix, a registered dietitian and the author of Read It Before You Eat It.

What’s more, the antioxidants and various compounds in coffee appear to have long-term benefits for cognitive function: Research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease shows that drinking three cups of coffee per day can delay the onset of dementia in people who are already starting to suffer from memory problems.

To maximize the benefits of your coffee, follow the expert-approved coffee-drinking guidelines below.

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