Viral ‘BBC Dad’ Gets Upfront on the Realities of Parenting

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By Olivia Estrada

bbc dad

Robert E. Kelly, also known as “BBC Dad”  gave a press conference at Pusan National University  on life after becoming an Internet sensation. Robert, an expert on Korean politics, got his recognition through an unlikely way as his children hilariously walked in on a real-time Skype interview with the British network until his wife gathered them haphazardly out of the room. Since then, he’s been a subject of various memes and his family has been a touchpoint of many different topics such as interracial couples and even child abuse.

Robert has been accused of shoving his kid violently out of the way as she approached the very desk from which he was giving the interview from. “I was not shoving Marion out of the way. I was trying to slide Marion behind the chair because we have toys and books in the room,” he said.

Another issue that came up was also how his Korean wife was mistaken for a nanny, showing the bias and stereotypes that prevail. Robert and his wife are “bemused” by this but don’t want to harp on it either. “Neither of us are interested in politicizing or having this provoke a backlash,” he said.  He further explains how race was never an issue in his family (rightfully so, in any family, we say).

What Robert is doing is taking the situation as an illustration of the struggles of all parents across the globe. “My real life punched through the fake cover I had on television. This is the kind of thing a lot of working parents can relate to.” He also feels that it’s unfit to monetize from what his kids did. He claims that his house has been flooded with phone calls, asking everything they could about the interview, even if whether he was wearing pants. Robert says he was, in case you were wondering.

Robert, for all his knowledge on politics that has made him a staple on BBC, admits that his own accomplishments are overshadowed already by the antics of his kids. “This is now the first line in my obituary.”

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Restaurant Review – Greens – Didsbury, Greater Manchester

 Ali of Team DC found herself hungry in Manchester, here’s what she found:

Trendy Didsbury in Manchester has a street of tempting, laid-back cafes with attractive, artsy punters enjoying their late lunches on a Saturday afternoon. Shuffling along in t-shirt and jeans, I hope we’re not under-dressed. It’s my first time in the area since recently moving from London, and I’m seeking out the best vegetarian restaurants. An internet search has brought me here, to Greens.

As soon as we walk in the door, I know I needn’t have worried. Greens has a laid-back, welcoming vibe that would suit a special occasion just as much as our planned casual lunch. We’re shown to our table by a confident, bearded waiter, with a hipster-edge that somehow matches the ambience of the place. This is a cool café. Minimalist table design, funky décor and water served in unique blue glasses.

As two hungry vegetarians, this restaurant is like stepping into a creative taste bud dance party. The menu screams veggie paradise as soon as we sit, and we want to try everything… But, we settle for 2 starters, 2 mains, a taster of the incredible veggie black pudding with mustard mayo and a legally binding agreement that we will share all the food. The spiced fried tofu katsu curry is satisfyingly filling, but when the dessert menu arrives, I can’t resist the peanut butter cheesecake with strawberry jam and peanut brittle. It’s sensational.

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To Freelance or not Freelance

That is the question I get asked a lot when I’m coaching or giving a talk. It’s a risky business being freelance and doesn’t suit everyone but I love it. Maybe it’s the old actor gypsy in me of having several projects on the go at one time or possibly that I have the attention span of a goldfish, call me Dory. Ah, but you know that’s not true at all, I thrive on the thrill of having lots of plates spinning at any one time.

Credit: Dave Willis
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Shift That Christmas Belly with a Fat Little Bowl of Goodness


So, the Christmas binging is over and you want to lose that stone that you’ve put on. Enter the Buddha Bowl – a bowl full to the brim of nourishing grains, raw or cooked veggies, healthy fat, lean protein and heaps of greens. They’re simple to make, delicious to eat and the internet is littered with recipes. Here’s 9 hearty recipes to get you started, courtesy of

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Happy New Year – One-on-One Coaching Sale

HAPPY NEW YEAR – with a One-on-one coaching offer!

Want to brush up or perhaps re-discover those PA skills? Do you need to feel motivated again? Do you want to work on networking and learn how to build up your contacts?

Credit: Dave Willis

Credit: Dave Willis

From now through to the end of February only, you can have 2 hours of one-on-one coaching with Donna for just £99 (usually priced at £150).

All this and much more whilst working from Donna’s own textbook in a Central London location, book now, dates are limited.

 You can be a PA who kicks A!

We’d love to hear, why not drop us an email:

Be the best Assistant you can be with one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions designed especially for you
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Searching for the right novelty stocking filler? Here are my top 5 from


1. Animal Toothbrush Holders for the kids and wannabe kids. 
2. BACHOX  for the dark chocolate lover who can laugh at their wrinkles and crow’s feet.



3. Zombie Blood Shower Gel for the zombie obsessed. 




4. Washable Hair Colour Crayons for the experimental hair stylist.




5. How to Speak Emoji for the parents that will use cringy emoji speak regardless.
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Oh my, this cake is a blend of the three wonders of the world.


  • 1 cup soft unsalted butter
  • 1⅔ cup (316 g | 11⅛ oz) dark brown sugar
  • 1⅓ cup (170 g) all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt, such as Maldon or Fleur de sel (or use ¾ teaspoon kosher salt)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 4 ounces best bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, melted (I did this in the microwave at 30 second intervals, but don’t walk away — it will burn quickly)
  • 2 tablespoons brandy or bourbon
  • 1 cup freshly brewed coffee


  1. Heat the oven to 375°F. Line a 9×5-inch loaf pan with parchment paper — just shove a whole sheet in there (versus cutting to make it fit — this way no batter will seep through the cracks). Also, prepare a smaller loaf pan (or some other vessel such as a muffin tin) in a similar manner — I butter the smaller loaf pan well, and I never have issues getting the cake out.
  1. Cream the butter and sugar, either with a wooden spoon or with an electric hand-held mixer.
  1. Meanwhile, whisk together the flour, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
  1. Add the eggs and vanilla to the butter-sugar mixture and beat until combined.
  1. Next, fold in the melted and now slightly cooled chocolate, taking care to blend well but being careful not to overbeat. You want the ingredients combined: You don’t want a light, airy mass. Add the brandy and mix to combine.
  1. Next, gently add the flour mixture alternately spoon by spoon with the coffee until you have a smooth and fairly liquid batter.
  1. Pour into the lined loaf pan, being sure the batter does not come closer than 1 inch from the rim of the cake pan or it risks overflowing. Pour the excess into the smaller prepared pan. Bake 30 minutes. Turn the oven down to 325 degrees and continue to cook for another 15 minutes. (I remove the smaller pan after the first 30 minutes.) The cake will still be a bit squidgy inside, so an inserted cake tester or skewer won’t come out completely clean. Place the loaf pan on a rack, and leave to get completely cold before turning it out. (Leave it for a whole day if you can resist.) Don’t worry if it sinks in the middle — it will do so because it’s such a dense and damp cake.

Source: How to Be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson

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