Thank you so much for your interest in my blog. I love hearing from my readers and am deeply appreciative of the feedback and questions.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions:

How can I become a celebrity assistant?

Most positions require experience so if you have PA experience, that is a good start. If not, then get experience by helping your mentors or anyone or a company you would like to work for. The way you get what you want is by helping others get what they want, so network, network, network! Start at the bottom and work your way up, we all have our humble beginnings.

Can I send you my resume (C.V.) and tell me what you think?

Unfortunately, I receive so many and am not a recruiter and cannot give you the advice you deserve. I would recommend speaking to recruitment agencies and see if you can find someone there to go over it with you. Also, check out these two great resources on building solid resumes.

How can I get into the celebrity, fashion, or other entertainment industry?

Just like any adventure we embark on, we must always begin with the foundations. Try contacting the decision makers in those fields or the assistants of these leaders. Research, volunteer, help: find out what they need or what they are missing. I can’t emphasise this enough: the only way to make things happen is to take charge of your own destiny and get out there. If you can’t find a suitable job, gain work experience in something as close as and keep trying, perseverance is key.

Do you get to hang out with Helena Bonham Carter or Rachel Weisz?

Being a great personal assistant means acknowledging the boundaries when working in a private home where lines can easily get blurred and this has been key in my 12 year long career. At the end of the day, celebrities are just like us, normal people. Just as they socialise with their friends, so do I with my friends. Yet at the same time, if we were in the same place at the same time then of course we would chat. Everyone treasures their privacy.