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One-to-one personalised coaching could be the best career investment you’ve ever made.

Want to brush up or perhaps re-discover those PA skills? Do you need to feel motivated again? Do you want to work on networking and learn how to build up your contacts?

Two hours bespoke coaching can be yours for just £150.

All this and much more whilst working from Donna’s own textbook in a Central London location, book now, dates are limited.

 You can be a PA who kicks A!

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I highly recommend Donna’s coaching to all Assistants who want to bring their skills to the next level, learn the tips and secrets of a successful PA, push their boundaries developing their professionalism, and learn how to prioritise. Through her joy, passion and extensive expertise, Donna inspires you to be a better PA teaching you how to recognise your skills, focusing on your key strengths in order to use them to continue growing in your career. Her supportive attitude in sharing her knowledge provides both a huge professional benefit and an amazing personal experience.

-Sonia Polacci

Be the best Assistant you can be with one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions designed especially for you

It doesn’t matter what kind of Assistant you are. You might be Personal Assistant, an Executive Assistant, or a Virtual Assistant. Perhaps you’re a Private Assistant, or a Celebrity PA like me.

Or maybe you’ve stumbled across by accident (how lovely to meet you!) and now you’re wondering, “Mmm … Could I be a Celebrity PA, an EA, a VA, or would I just be a Pain in the A, or the elbow (and if I don’t know the difference between the two I really shouldn’t be allowed out on my own on the internet)?”

Through coaching and mentoring, I can help you transform your career for the better.

But first, let me ask you some questions.

Where do you work?

Are you in a busy office surrounded by noisy colleagues and a really good network of contacts?

If you’re a Private PA, do you work in your client’s house at the kitchen table with a cat for a company?

As a Virtual PA are you a digital nomad, setting up your virtual office wherever you can find a WiFi connection and some peace and quiet?

Wherever you work, coaching could explore whether you’re in the right environment for you – one which you suits your skills and personality.

How do you feel about your work as a PA, VA, or EA?

Do you love your career?

  • Is it your ambition to climb the career ladder to be the best Assistant you can be?
  • Or do you secretly worry that the ladder might be propped up against the wrong wall?

Do you enjoy being an office-based PA, but catch yourself daydreaming about life as a freelance Celebrity PA?

  • Do you dismiss the idea of becoming a freelance Celebrity PA because you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you wonder if you have the right skills, attitude and know-how to do the job?

Or maybe you haven’t given up on being a PA, but you’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do.

  • Do you feel trapped, unappreciated, disillusioned and lost?
  • Or is your job as a PA disappointing, unfulfilling, and not all you hoped it would be?

Coaching and mentoring could help you find ways to overcome obstacles in your career and identify and explore new options to help you move forwards and achieve whatever you set out to do.

It doesn’t matter what sort of Assistant you are. If you’re

  • A Personal, Private, Executive, or Virtual Assistant (celebrity or otherwise)
  • Working in an office, a broom cupboard, indoors, outdoors, or remotely in a treehouse
  • An employee, self-employed, about to be made redundant – or worse!
  • Curious about what sort of PA role could be the best fit for you
  •  Dying to try out new PA roles and different ways of working

Investing in PA coaching and mentoring is a wise decision, especially in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, uncertain workplace.

Traditional ways of working are dying, and soon we’ll all be invited to the wake!

But there’s no need to treat yourself to a fabulous new black outfit just yet!

You’re smart enough to realise there’s no such thing as a job for life, and that you’re not indispensable.

You know that you’ve got to be three steps ahead, just to keep up. When you’re feeling really swamped with work you probably wish you had a time machine so you can be three months, or three years ahead. I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me you’re so busy at times you think you’re going to meet yourself coming back.

And that’s not all …

The role of a PA has changed a lot recently

You’ve got to be flexible and adaptable.

  • How often do you feel like you’ve mastered one new skill, only to find out a few months later you’ve got to learn another one, very quickly?
  • Has your hard work been rewarded by more responsibility?
  • Perhaps you’re managing important projects, conferences, seminars events, arranging complicated international travel, or training staff for the first time?

You feel wonderful when someone recognises your hard work, don’t you? But rewards like that can leave you overwhelmed if you haven’t got much confidence in yourself and your abilities, especially if you’re too scared to admit it and you’re too embarrassed to ask for help.

Change is scary, especially if you’ve created it yourself. Coaching can help you deal with change in a positive way.

But uncertainty isn’t all bad: it can create lots of exciting opportunities!

  • Are you considering setting up your own business or working freelance as a PA, VA, or EA, but don’t know where to start?
  • Would you like to move sideways in your profession? If you’re an Executive, or Personal Assistant do you have the transferable skills to become a Virtual Assistant, a Private Assistant, or a Celebrity PA?
  • If you’re thinking about becoming a Celebrity PA, VA or EA, or any other kind of Assistant, how can you be sure you know that the job is right for you?

 Together, we can explore the opportunities and challenges you face, and figure out which are the best for you to explore. Coaching and mentoring can help you identify new ways of working which  you’ll love.

From the moment I met Donna I felt completely at ease.  She is a naturally bubbly character and her background in performing comes across so nicely in her personality.  I booked a 2 hour coaching session and after chatting for 10 minutes or so I felt like I had known her for a very long time.  Donna is a consummate business professional who is so passionate about the world of PA and Lifestyle management.  She has a genuine interest in people and empathy towards those she meets.  Donna has given me the confidence, drive and determination to set up my own business as a Freelance Assistant.

-Justine Butler, Freelance Assistant at Virtual Proficio 

I love being a Celebrity PA and I’m passionate about helping people like you to get the most out of their careers. I’m privileged to be able to share my expertise through coaching.

If you’ve never had personal or career coaching before, you might be wondering how it all works.  So, I’d like to share some case studies with you. 

Sonia Polacci is an Italian-based PA to the owner and fashion stylist of a cashmere company which is developing new business projects in the UK. She has worked across a range of industries which include travel, hospitality, and now public relations.

Why did you decide to have personal coaching?

With over 15 years of experience as a PA in tourism, and a couple of years as a private PA to the owner and fashion stylist at a Cashmere Company in the fashion industry, I’m ready for a new challenge. I want to transfer my skills and experience to a private PA role based in London. I’ve travelled to this wonderful city a lot and I know it well, but I needed some expert advice on how to push my career forwards. “Never stop learning” is one of my favourite mottos and that’s why I decided to have a bespoke coaching with the most popular PA in town!

Why did you choose Donna out of all the life coaches / PA coaches out there?

I met Donna in May 2013, during her Seminar “How to be a better PA”, which took place in the fabulous offices of HAYS in London. I immediately fell in love with her: she is super- brilliant, funny and utterly professional at the same time, multitalented, inspiring, energetic and, above all, she helps other Assistants to be motivated, assertive and to believe in themselves. Also, Donna has extensive experience as a Celebrity PA, and her smile and good humour are contagious, so I didn’t have any doubt in choosing her for my one-to-one career coaching session.

What sort of things did you do in your coaching session?

We mainly talked about my CV and covering letter that I previously sent to Donna via email. Donna knows exactly how these indispensable documents have to be written. She gave me some valuable advice and ideas including lots of excellent, very specific suggestions on how I could review and edit my CV and covering letter to highlight my skills and competences as a PA. This experience was absolutely fantastic, because through her wide and knowledgeable vision I was able to rewrite my professional experience in a more mindful and exhaustive way.

What did you get out of the session? How did you feel before and afterwards?

Before having the coaching session, I was thrilled. I had some questions in my mind which I didn’t need to ask her in the end, because Donna has got a wonderful, deep ability to understand the people in front of her and anticipate their needs, even if you don’t say a word. When we finished talking, I had that amazing sensation that I’d found the right teacher: an authentic and qualified leader with lovely and friendly manner.

When Justine Butler, a former corporate PA, came to me for coaching, she was facing redundancy. Shortly after her coaching session, Justine set up her own business as a Virtual Assistant: Virtual Proficio. Here’s what she said:

Why did you decide to have personal coaching?

I have been considering working for myself for the last 6 months. I wanted to run through my penned thoughts with someone who was going to offer me impartial advice, and not just say what I wanted to hear.

Why did you choose Donna out of all the life coaches / PA coaches out there?

I have followed Donna on and off for the last year or so after reading a feature she had written in one of the EA journals.  I chose to meet with her because she is a coach with a bias and understanding of administration and PA work.  I was also very curious to meet Donna as she brands herself as a Celebrity PA.  I have probably worked as a PA for as long as Donna, only my experience has been with corporate Directors.

What sort of things did you do in your coaching session?

Donna and I exchanged emails prior to my session which I found incredibly helpful, as I was able to detail my plans to set up as a freelance Virtual Assistant.  When it came to the coaching day I presented the draft outline of my business plan, including logo ideas, details of service offerings and ideas I had to market myself.  We also discussed the setting up of my home office.

What did you get out of coaching with Donna? How did you feel before and afterwards?

Before my session I was naturally feeling apprehensive as I knew redundancy was inevitable for me.  Meeting Donna helped me release my fears and understand that there is, and will be, life after my corporate days.  Donna was hugely complimentary about my skills and experience which gave me a very much needed boost. Donna also explained the importance of networking and chasing people for work opportunities and to not be afraid of rejection.   She also encouraged me to think outside the box on different aspects of my idea generation.  For example, when discussing possible naming ideas for my business, Donna suggested using a Yiddish word to make me sound different and interesting.  I took this feedback on board and have incorporated a Latin word into my business name, Virtual Proficio.

If you’re still reading, chances are we’ll have a great time working together! 

Frequently asked questions

What sort of things do you cover in your coaching sessions?

Each session is specifically designed to suit your needs and expectations. I can coach you how to become a Celebrity PA, be a better PA, or how to set up as a freelance Assistant. Whatever you want to focus on, just let me know!

What sort of materials do you use? Someone told me you created a fantastic workbook!

Thank you, that’s great to know! When you come to me for coaching, I’ll give you a copy of my Little Black Book, which is a workbook I created especially my coaching clients and also for people who go to my seminars. It’ll give you lots of things to think about, including:

  • Skills and talents which others might not know you have
  • Your biggest fears
  • Your values
  • Things which you want to do before you die
  • How to be your own concierge
  • Effective networking and building up your very own Little Black Book of contacts

By thinking creatively about things you’ve never given much thought to, you’ll rediscover skills you’d forgotten about, or had never acknowledged before, as well as learning a lot about yourself. Many of my coaching clients have had those wonderful “Aha!” moments, which have made them see and dothings differently which has had a positive impact on their careers.

Where do your coaching sessions take place?

I usually meet my clients in central London. BAFTA is a fantastic venue for a coaching session – you’ll like it there!

I’d love to have coaching with you, but I don’t live in London. Do you coach PAs remotely?

Yes, of course. I can coach you over the phone, or we can set up a Skype call. If you think a two hour call might be too long, we can split the sessions so you could have an hour on two different days.

I’m shy, Donna Coulling, I’m shy! Do you do group coaching?

Oh, you poor thing!

I’m happy to coach no more than two people at the same time. Your session will concentrate on your individual needs and concern, so as far as coaching clients go, three’s definitely a crowd.

I run seminars for larger groups, and if this is something you’d be interested in, take a look at my Seminars page.

If you have any other questions, email It’d be great to hear from you!

I loved my coaching session with Donna. She made me realise that it is possible to achieve what she has. Coaching  made me realise that although I don’t always feel appreciated in my day job, I do have lots of talent and skills as a PA, and that’s something I can carry forward.


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