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15 Things Only Working Moms Would Understand

It’s back-to-school and now comes time for balancing work, being mum, AND making sure the kids are at school on time! Feeling overwhelmed? – this article helps remind us that we are not alone! This post originally appeared on … Continue reading

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6 Back-to-School Habits Successful Women Still Practice

This post originally appeared on If you’re like us, you never quite lose the nostalgia for that back to school feeling. A fresh start, crisply sharpened pencils, and the fun of tackling something new still get us excited in the … Continue reading

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How I Became a 37-Year Old Fashion Intern

By Gena Dorris  Fashion has a notorious reputation for being a nearly impossible industry to penetrate. Even more so if you’re older than twenty-five and don’t have a load of connections in the industry. An unpaid internship in the fashion … Continue reading

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7 Decluttering Steps To Help You Make Space For Living A Life You Love

This post originally appeared on By Jordan Moullette Creating Space To Live A Life You’ll Love We all know that good feeling when taking true action; distraction-less within an effortless rhythm and flow. It’s as if time magically disappears, … Continue reading

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Being a PA isn’t just about diary management

This article originally appeared on By Geoff Sims The days of Mad Men-style secretaries and typing pools are long gone – nowadays PAs make key decisions and manage budgets. Ask any successful leader how they achieve their goals while battling … Continue reading

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We Need to Keep Talking About Unpaid Internships

Krista from Team DC penned an op-ed about her thoughts on unpaid internships and why she believes that things need to change.  I remember learning about internships in high school. During many college campus tours I was constantly touted to … Continue reading

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One-on-one Coaching with Donna – Summer Sale

SUMMER SALE – One-on-one coaching offer! Want to brush up or perhaps re-discover those PA skills? Do you need to feel motivated again? Do you want to work on networking and learn how to build up your contacts? From now … Continue reading

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