A Week in the Life – January 2018

A new year with new thoughts. I used to write a little feature called ‘a week in the life’ a long time ago and then y’know life happens, things change, stuff goes in a different direction and sometimes things come bak around again that you feel comfortable with, like clothes you’d forgotten you had. I’m writing this piece with the feeling that i’m getting reacquainted with an old friend I haven’t caught up with in a while.

I went away to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands last week with a friend for some winter sun and a New Year reboot. The idea was to start the year off with positivity, productivity, Vitamin D and more daylight hours than we currently have at home. Success, as all of these things came to fruition. Fortunately, I have a day job that I can do in most places as long as there is wifi, or 3G on my iPhone so I could keep on top of work stuff, plus it was that quiet week after New Year when you feel a bit in limbo before everyone is back in action.


I’ve been working on a book for the past year in the time I have between work and school pick up. I’m trying to get into a writing routine which I mostly have when my daughter is in term time and i managed to squeeze out 30,000 words by December. It wasn’t as much as I’d hoped to have written but i’m not focussing on that, more to that fact that I have managed to write 30,000 words around everything else in my day.

Whilst away last week I managed another 3000 words, it’s finding the headspace to be creative which causes me more angst than just getting words down. I’m so easily distracted and if something work related pops up, i’ve always prided myself on dealing with things instantly so i’ll give that my focus and then it takes time to get the headspace back. Being in the sunshine away from home, I found my head was much more clear and I wasn’t tied to the clock and having to be somewhere by a specific time each day.

I ran on the beach, we went on long walks, ate healthily, I read two books, took a break from booze, had lots of chats about life, goals, thoughts and more importantly laughing. Lots of laughing.

Prior to going away I met with a friend who I don’t see often enough (she lives on the other side of the world, but hey, even being in the same city it’s hard to catch up with people), who asked if I had a vision board. I didn’t know that this was and she explained about having words or images on a board of what you want from life and that putting it out to the universe could help you achieve what you ask for. A couple of days later I was doing my laundry and next to my tumble-dryer I have a noticeboard, on it was a piece of scrappy paper headed ‘2017’, underneath i’d written:

Make time to write
Make time to read
Exercise more – running and yoga
Be more financially savvy

Woah. I had glanced at this list subconsciously each time I did my laundry (fairly often let’s face it) over the year without particularly taking it in.

In 2017 I wrote 30,000 words of my book. I read numerous books. I try to run twice a week (sometimes more), used a yoga app at home, as well as going to a Barre class once a week. I’ve changed my energy suppliers, mobile phone, broadband etc, and sold one thing a day on ebay from September to mid-December.

I’ve now written a new list for 2018, there are only four things on it (which is all I put on last years), and only things I believe that are achievable for me. I’m probably not going to lose weight, learn to play the piano or conversational French so they’re not on my list. They are definitely on my ‘to do at some point’ list but possibly not for 2018. However, perhaps just writing them on here is my subconscious putting them out to the universe. I’ll let you know next year.

Wishing you all good things and more for 2018.

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