Restaurant Review – MOMMI, Clapham, London

To champion the ‘effortlessly healthy’ Nikkei tag for which they are renowned, MOMMI has strived towards an entirely gluten free food menu since their launch two years ago. The small plate, market style ethos with taste profiles hailing from Latin America and Japan has always encouraged a deliciously different dining experience – epic flavours and a striking execution. ‘Official’ gluten free accreditation from Coeliac UK is the ultimate stamp of approval.

I hadn’t been to MOMMI before last Friday, and figured the best test would be to take my friend who is coeliac with me. What a pair we are to go out to eat; she with her gluten allergy, me being vegetarian, and both of us with an intolerance for garlic and raw onion, a culinary nightmare we are well aware of…

As soon as we walked through the door of MOMMI on Clapham High Street last Friday evening we felt as though we’d found our Motherland. With a great friendly welcome, we were shown to a booth area overlooking the entire space. A decent size restaurant area on the left, plus a good size bar on the right, plus a stage area for live music – what?! Seriously, this is the ultimate combination isn’t it? Literally something for everyone.

Our waiter Alex couldn’t be more helpful, he talked us through which sharing plates we could share and the ones that we could eat solo, after explaining our food sensitivities (at which he didn’t bat an eyelid) he suggested dishes and what sauces could be changed without ruining the flavours of the dish. My coeliac friend COULD NOT BELIEVE that she had a full run of the menu without having to double/triple check that what she was ordering was gluten free – she could even eat the fish and chips which NEVER happens.

We shared sweet potato fries, flash-friend padron peppers and tortilla chips with smashed avocado. Then moved onto main courses that included a fish ceviche and a vegetarian ceviche – both delicious and we were quite happy that we didn’t have to share with each other. I had flame seared courgette and mushroom with red corn causa, burnt yuzu butter and crushed cancha and tempura vegetables with dipping sauce, my guest had slow-braised pork belly bites and the fish and chips (cassava fries). We had to share a dessert for fear of not having one at all, after filling up on incredible savouries and opted for the chocolate mousse with popcorn. I sampled the gin cocktails, again, light, delicious and full of flavour.

Whilst eating and chatting and eating some more we barely noticed the place start to fill up around us and then noticed a guitarist was singing on stage, he was great and really added to the Friday night vibe. There was a family on the table next to us with a toddler, there were groups of friends arriving with birthday balloons – MOMMI really felt like it catered for everyone. And with it’s two year anniversary happening now, big congratulations with creating a winning formula – I really can’t wait to go again.

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