The Modern Yoga Bible – Christina Brown – Book Review


Ali of Team DC reviewed ‘Modern Yoga Bible’, here’s how she got on:

“If you can fully apply the concept of bringing your mind to the present moment, then you will be free.”

Wouldn’t that be lovely? To feel free of the stresses, and pressures of everyday life?
Christina Brown’s new version of The Modern Yoga Bible, offers a welcome guide to how the practice of Hatha yoga can help you get there.

Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe in with the odd yoga class, or you’re an aspiring yogi, this book could be a worthwhile addition to your book shelf.

Featuring an excellent structure that’s easy to follow, the book starts with an introduction to the key concepts and principles of yoga. This then flows into examples of yoga poses, broken down into types; including ‘Yang’ (active practices), ‘Yin’ (quiet practices), and the Yoga Mind. Linking this all together answers many questions that – if you’re anything like me – you might not have been brave enough to ask when hiding at the back of a new class of bendy people.

If you’re looking to practice at home, there’s also a handy ‘Putting it all together’ section, that suggests 5 themed routines. These are moves you can do together, and tailor to what you want to get out of your yoga session. Whether that’s calmness of mind, or strength of body – there’s something to suit every mood. It’s very flexible – but your legs don’t have to be yet, as there’s a star system to choose your level.

The book itself doesn’t replace the benefit of having a teacher in the room with you. Especially if you’re starting out. It’s not easy to follow the instructions of the book while you learn a position for the first time. Re-reading the section of ‘how to come out’ of a pose, while your head is already upside down, is quite a challenge! But it’s a great tool for getting more out of classes.

This book focuses on the individual, and finding what is right for you. There’s something beautifully supportive in the tone, as if Christina is holding your hand through the steps to understanding and fully experiencing yoga. It breaks down some of the mystery, and shows how it can benefit your personal and professional daily life. It’s OK for you to be just the way you are. We’re all unique, and this is something to be celebrated.


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