Beauty Product Review: White Glo Diamond White Pen and Strips Kit


Author: Sue Davison

Having bright, sparkly teeth is definitely a confidence booster. When I can smile with confidence I smile more often. I don’t know if it makes me look younger or any more attractive, but it makes me feel it and that’s good enough for me.

My teeth are naturally fairly white as I look after them and visit the dentist and hygienist regularly. I am a tea, coffee and red wine drinker though so they do stain a little between polishes. I have tried various home whitening kits in the past but they’ve been a faff and not especially effective. Technology moves on though so I thought I’d give White Glo Diamond White Pen and Strips Kit a go. I’m glad I did.

If you’re after a Simon Cowell dazzle, then an off the shelf home whitening kit probably won’t cut it. I’m more into the ‘girl next door’ natural smile, so White Glo Diamond’s promise of restoring my teeth to their brilliant original white condition sounded promising.


The White Glo Pen doesn’t contain peroxide so I was less nervous about my enamel and gums taking a beating than I have been with other whitening products. I have experienced discomfort with peroxide-based whiteners and I was very pleased to find that I didn’t feel anything with this gel. So far so good but I was still skeptical about performance. White Glo should be painted on to your teeth and left on for 10 – 30 minutes. My biggest concern was that closing my lips over my teeth and salivating would remove the gel. I did the inevitable and held my mouth open in a Wallace and Gromit Style grin whilst sucking saliva away before it reached my teeth – an attractive look. I sustained this for about 5 minutes before my focus lapsed. Surprisingly the treatment seemed to cling onto my pearlies regardless. Half an hour later I rinsed and inspected my gnashers in the mirror. They did look a little whiter, more so than after one application of any other product.


White Glo Whitening Pen

The White Glo treatment is supposed to be applied three times a day for optimum results. I’m afraid I have a life though. I’m not committed to sparking teeth enough to use the treatment that religiously. I’ve been using it once or twice a day most days for the last two weeks and there have been a few days at a time when I haven’t used it at all. It’s been enough though. My slight staining has gone. Smiley Sue just got a bit smiler.

White Glo has won me over with this product. It’s not a regime that I will carry out routinely but I will use it to boost my smile between hygienist appointments. The kit lasts several weeks too so I feel that I’m getting value for money. I haven’t used the strips yet as I’m not convinced that they’ll reach the nooks and crannies but who knows, they may give surprising results too.

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