Beauty Review – Embryolisse Crème Anti-Age Raffermissante


I don’t know about you but as summer fades so does the condition of my skin. My face looks visibly dry and fine lines don’t look so fine. Finding the right daily anti-aging and firming cream is an expensive business but when you do find it you won’t want to be without it.

Embryolisse Crème Anti-Age Raffermissante is that cream for me. It works on the premise that to reduce wrinkles you need to firm up the skin. Packed full of collagen and hyaluronic acid, this little miracle in a pot firms your skin as soon as you apply it.

On first contact it has the feel of a high-end cream. My face felt refreshed and nourished. For me though, the test is how long that feeling lasts. I’ve tried many products that feel wonderful at first but I’m dry again within an hour. Embryolisse kept me hydrated throughout the day and took away the tiredness from my eyes that comes with being a poor sleeper. Brownie points earned.

So what about those fine lines and wrinkles? I’ve been using the product morning and night for just a week and there is a visible difference already. My skin appears brighter and smoother. The early signs of crow’s feet are now barely noticeable. I’m impressed.

The ultimate test of any high-end beauty product is value for money. I’d say that Embryolisse delivers. It provides all the benefits that I expect from an anti-aging cream, suited my sensitive skin and you only need to use the tiniest amount.

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