Book Review – 101 Chillies to Try Before You Die by David Floyd



Post Author: Sue Davison

If you’re a bit of a chilli fiend and like to grow your own then you’ll love this book by David Floyd of Chile Foundry. It’s like one of those pocket guides to British birds but better, and about chillies, obviously!

This little reference book packs quite a punch. Everything you need to know to wow your fellow chilli buffs is here. Organised from the lowest to highest Scoville heat rating, this book is a library of chillies for every occasion.

Alongside a sumptuous image of each plant, you’ll find a stack of information on the history, culinary use, plant development, and harvesting. You’ll be nurturing your own peppers in your head before you’ve even reached the growing instructions! And there’s no excuse for not turning your chilli farm fantasy into reality. You’re even provided with a list of seed suppliers for every variety. Yes, it’s all in there. David Lloyd does everything but buy the seed for you. And it’s neatly packed into a very readable 2 pages per chilli variety.

So if you’re thinking of entering Mastermind and you like chillies, this book will probably nail you a win in the specialist-subject round. Although make sure you’re not up against Mr. Floyd himself. He knows his stuff.

Click here to grab a copy!

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