ISIS EYES Opticians, Fulham, London.

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I only recently started using reading glasses; although I have been know to occasionally wear clear-lensed glasses in an attempt to look clever/cool/probably neither. So when it was official that I needed glasses I headed to eBay to buy a bunch of reading glasses in a variety of colours at five pairs for £10, they seemed okay, reading texts/emails and books suddenly seemed so much sharper and less headache inducing. And not being super strong I figured I could stick with the cheap pairs for a while.

Sunglasses always came from the front of a magazine during the summer months. What does it matter if they were slightly tight, loose, wonky (or is it my ears) for the cost of £3.99 (including the magazine) you can’t really complain can you.

Then, there comes a time when you have to be a bit more grown up about all things optical and this is where ISIS EYES come in to the story. A small, independently owned opticians on the Fulham Road in a very trendy area of London, with a wealth of knowledge and a great feeling of care for the customer.

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Rhonda tested my eyes and then the fun part started – the store is filled like a sweet shop but with glasses of coloured frames, coloured lenses, large frames, small frames, flower frames, frames with legs and feet painted on them, a real Willy Wonka for eyewear.

Much as in clothes, frames and lenses also follow fashion trends and many customers have glasses for day, evening, holiday, special occasions, any occasion– I can see this becoming addictive! It was great to have somebody talk me through what suited my face shape, how I would be wearing them (work or play), care for them (yeah, don’t throw them next to your keys in the bottom of your bag), and made my glasses fit my face, even with wonky ears.

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As stated on their website ‘this is where fabulous design comes with originality and quality. Isis is about service, smiles and creating a style for you.’

If you are looking for somewhere fun, funky or professional ISIS EYES is a great find, there truly is something for everyone and the best part… you really feel looked after with no hard sell. I can’t wait to start building my ‘glasses wardrobe’!

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