SENSAI – The Triple Touch Compact



I have a bursting make up bag always and struggle to condense what I really need to take out with me for the day for that necessary touch up before a meeting or after lunch, or pre-drinks/dinner after work.

Until, I tried the SENSAI Triple Touch Compact that has everything I need to ensure a smooth base, cutting down the need to carry a primer, concealer and a foundation.

It’s a really nice looking compact to start with, a good size colourless concealer (think translucent solid gel-like, oil free coverage) that smoothes out under the eyes and covers fine lines and pores.

Screen shot 2016-04-11 at 7.54.01 PM

The cream concealer has an SPF15, is a tinted and moisturizing creamy layer, which will camouflage dark circles and any pigmentation. Can be used over the colourless concealer or on its own.

The pressed powder has a full layer of its own, also has an SPF10, contains moistened powder to seal in the moisture, provides a lasting coverage and gives a silky radiance to the skin. Can be used on its own, or with either or both of the concealers in the compact and creates a waterproof finish.

The compact is perfect for everyday use, so easy to pop into your handbag and generous enough to be also ideal for weekends away and holidays when you’re trying (!) to minimize packing.

Available in light, medium and dark and currently only available at Harrods and

For worldwide please check:

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