The Mindfulness Bible.


If you’ve heard of mindfulness and are interested in the practice, this is the book for you. If you haven’t heard of mindfulness, this is still the book for you. The aptly titled ‘Mindfulness Bible’ is all you need to know about the topic and will be the only guide you need to help you live in the now.

Brilliantly structured, you’re first given a ‘how to use the book’ chapter to ease you in. Next, you find out about the origins of the practice as well as the research, science and different therapies of it. This in-depth background information allows you to come to your own conclusions as to whether mindfulness might be for you and if it isn’t, you will still gain a massive appreciation as to why this practice is becoming increasingly recognised in today’s society. There are also case studies and personal stories interjected to connect with others on their journey as you consider yours.

What’s great about this book is the recognition of the individual and how mindfulness could help you. Whether you’re looking to simply be more present in day-to-day life or you’re struggling with mental health issues – the book identifies we are all different and offers a variety of practices to reflect this.

For those who might not be ready to start with meditation, the book also suggests movements, stretches and walking exercises as a gentle introduction. You can even start by drinking your tea mindfully!

The benefits of mindfulness are becoming more and more apparent in today’s hectic lifestyle and this book will be your go-to guide on your journey to becoming more present and enjoying life moment to moment.

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