Bar Review – The Light Lounge London

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If you’ve ever been in the middle of Soho of an evening and thought amidst all of this bustle and noise there must be somewhere to sit back, relax and have a sophisticated cocktail… well I’ve found it! The Light Lounge is a boutique cocktail lounge located behind the Hippodrome, right between Leicester Square and Chinatown. You could walk past it and not know it’s there which is what particularly drew me to it.

Enter inside a doorway, go up one flight of stairs, and you have arrived in a haven of chic sofas and stylish lighting, with the feel of a private members club without the membership fee.


You can reserve an area, you can book the whole lounge for a private event, or you can just turn up on the night and catch up with friends over delicious cocktails.

The staff are super attentive and knowledgeable – I went with a girlfriend one evening just before Christmas. They settled us down into VERY comfortable sofas and asked what sort of cocktails we usually liked and made suggestions from there. What I liked is that the service was spot on and it’s great to experiment with drinks I didn’t know I might like rather than just ordering the same as I usually have.

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The venue really is great, extremely versatile and can host all kinds of events: parties, live music sessions, acoustic nights; they can cater for whatever your needs are. The Light Lounge is real gem of a find in the centre of such a busy part of town. (And don’t forget to call me if you need someone to drink cocktails with…!)

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