Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London

Is Hyde Park Winter Wonderland on your list of London to do’s this holiday season? If not, please put it on there. It’s a selection box of everything wintery you might like to do and all in one place.


Ice Skating – tick.

Circus – tick.

German Christmas Markets – tick.

Magical Ice Kingdom – tick.

You get the idea…

Minx and I went to Winter Wonderland in the middle of last week, yes it’s busy but don’t let that put you off, it really depends on what you want to do. Minx is 9 so we went on several rides (there are rides for all ages so don’t think if you have young children they won’t be able to go on anything, they will), we walked through the beautiful Magical Ice Kingdom where all the sculptures are made from ice (so if we do get snow in London this winter we can all be truly inspired into what to make out of it!).


We went to Cirque Berserk, which was brilliant! I had no idea and if I’m honest, not really a circus fan. The show is called ADRENALINE and is the evening show, it was 45 minutes long and packed with all things traditional including; juggling (with and without fire), dagger throwing, aerial artistes, acrobats and death-defying motorbikes inside a very small globe – we were literally on the edge of our seats.


We had a beautiful ride up on the Giant Wheel where in the day you would have a great view of London, and at night we could see all of Winter Wonderland lit up, truly spectacular.


If you are looking to sample German Beer and Bratwurst then you too won’t go hungry, there is that aplenty. And lots of live music dotted around on various stages, trinkets and gifts to buy in the markets, and even clothing for sale. It feels fairly compact although spread over a large area so do allow a few hours to fit everything in.

We can’t wait to go back!

www.hydeparkwinterwonderland.com Open until January 3rd (except Christmas Day).

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