Beauty Review – Nail HQ

Oh, Nail HQ where have you been until now?

Do you find a change in the season and temperature wreaks havoc with your nails? My nails have been dry and flaky, my cuticles hard and torn and no amount of hand cream has helped. When I do TV jobs I need to wear nail varnish and have found it barely stays on a whole day without chipping off due to my uneven nail surface and being so dehydrated.

bg-bannerHowever, I started using Nail HQ Protect & Repair, which you apply five days in a row before taking it off and starting again, along with the Nail HQ Cuticle Oil. I’ve tried lots of products in the past that promise so much and deliver barely anything so imagine my surprise at just two days into applying Nail HQ Protect & Repair my nails are no longer flaking.


They look almost instantly hydrated, the product leaves a sheen on the nails which looks similar to a clear varnish. The Nail HQ Cuticle Oil is being lapped up by my hungry cuticles and I’m now happy to show people my hands again rather than handing over coins in shops in a claw-like manner.


It’s seriously good stuff. Not a huge outlay either, the bottles are 10ml the same as a regular varnish so you know how long they last (in my case years in a drawer until I finally throw them out). There is a great variety of nail treatments in the range, a solution for every nail issue. I can’t afford a weekly manicure sadly but having found Nail HQ I don’t feel I need one as my nails look great again. And, just in time for party season!

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