Slendertone Ab Belt


The party season is upon us and my little black dress is ready to be worn! I like to keep active and make sure I’m eating the right things, but with a hectic lifestyle it can be hard to find time to exercise. So when I was approached by Slendertone to try their Abs Belt, I loved the idea of fitting in a workout into my day-to-day routine.

The belt is a three pad design and uses electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to help tone not just where the pads are connected, but the deeper core too. Created with celebrity personal trainer Nicki Waterman, the belt is best used to compliment exercise routines to enhance toning. If you need some help with your exercise routine, Slendertone have you covered, offering three easy-to-follow 20 minute body blitz workouts.

You can do any of the body blitz workouts but Slendertone have different products to complement each one; the Abs belt, the Slendertone Bottom and the Slendertone Arms Accessory. It’s recommended you keep the intensity of the devices low when exercising and turning it up when using the device on its own.

The great thing about the Abs belt is being able to use it without disrupting your day – I even used it on the school run! It feels powerful but still comfortable and is a great way to add in some extra exercise. Do I recommend Slendertone as a simple way to add a bit more fitness into your life? Ab-solutely! (sorry I couldn’t resist).

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