The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon – Book Review

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10 rules for the ride of your life:

1. You’re the driver of your bus

Before I lose you, this has nothing to do with driving a big double decker – this is a metaphorical vessel on your life journey. And in order for your bus to run smoothly it needs fuel, but forget the petrol and diesel – its positive energy that fuels the energy bus.

Jon Gordon’s The Energy Bus paints a story of George, a cog in the corporate machine forgetting what it’s like to enjoy life. With a career-altering presentation looming, and a flat tire disrupting his already terrible day you can excuse his mood as he steps onto the bus with a scowl. Luckily for George, this is the Energy Bus driven by Joy the loveable driver who is about to change this man’s life like so many before him.

We follow George onto the bus day-by-day as he learns each of the 10 rules and applies them to his work, life and overall attitude. While the book is ultimately a lesson in positive thinking, the narrative allows you to recognise what applies to you, giving you the chance to take what you want from it. If you’ve read books on positive thinking or mindfulness before, you will recognise some of the ideas coming across here – but if you’re new to this kind of self-help mentality then this book could be a great one to get you started. Reader’s whose stress comes mainly from work, particularly those in a managerial role, will probably relate most to what’s written – but the lessons are general enough for every reader to get something out of the book. It’s an easy read, teaches some great principles and if you don’t get too bogged down with George’s personal journey and think of your own energy bus, you could really take your life on a positive ride.

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