Pen Heaven


With the summer holidays over it can be quite a challenge getting back into the swing of things, not just for your kids but for you too. What also doesn’t have to be just for your kids is the fun of getting new stationary, and Pen Heaven have put together some delightful writing sets to organise you and the whole family.

I always carry a journal on me. I find being able to write down my thoughts and organise my day on paper helps relieve the stress of a busy lifestyle, and so I went straight for one of the leather journals handmade in Italy. Not only did I choose a lovely pink shade from a range of colours, it also came embossed with my initials. Having this extra touch made it even more special and the cover is buttery soft!

And in case you need any more convincing, Pen Heaven’s CEO Keith Cole says ‘Keeping notes and writing action points into a notebook is often cited by people in positions of responsibility and leadership as helping their success’ – so why not write your success story in your own personalised journal?

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