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We all love pampering ourselves a little don’t we? Personally I’d take myself to the Spa every month if I could but that just isn’t feasible, so I like to be on the lookout for some great at-home treatments. This week, I tried Casmara Algae Peel-off masks with the promise that it would restore, rejuvenate and illuminate, as well as hydrate damaged skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

The range has four products; Rejuvenating, Hydra, Purifying and Balancing – matching different skin types and all containing unique ingredients. I used the Balancing mask with goji berries and quinoa seeds.

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There are three pretty simple steps to using the face mask, but if you need a visual aid there’s a link to a YouTube tutorial on the packaging. First, apply the balancing cream to the face, prepping the skin. It’s recommended you use 2/3rds but I didn’t need that much, just make sure you save some for later. Next, using the spatula and lid provided, mix the powder and gel together until smooth (around 30 seconds). You have to be quick and apply the mask within the next five minutes before it dries.

“Use sparingly” is a not a phrase that comes into play here. Using the spatula, I applied a thick layer; first covering my forehead, cheeks and chin before joining it all together. Although I looked absolutely terrifying, and nothing like the picture, it was fairly smooth to apply. What’s different about this mask is that you can cover your entire face, mouth and eyes included – but leave your nostrils uncovered to breathe! This complete coverage is optional, personally it was a little suffocating at first (and quite a challenge to keep my mouth shut for that long) but it also gave me no option but to sit back and relax. If you’re going to do the full face application then I suggest you prep music and a timer beforehand.

Screen shot 2015-06-30 at 2.37.20 PM

I hardly noticed the mask drying, it wasn’t tight on my face and when 15 minutes had passed it peeled off easily and all in one go. My skin felt extremely soft as I applied the rest of the balancing cream and visually I noticed a little more plumpness. For £9.99, the Casmara range is perfect for a little pampering without the Spa price tag, and is definitely more than a regular at-home face mask.

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