New York Spring Spectacular and Chicago

Last week Krista of Team DC and I were in New York and managed to cover 6 Broadways shows between us in just 4 days, not bad going! Here are Krista’s reviews for the New York Spring Spectacular and Chicago:

Although I live in New England, I don’t often have an excuse to make my way over to New York. Although I was only there for the weekend, I managed to fit in a two Broadway shows – Chicago and the New York Spring Spectacular.

images-1The first show I saw was the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. It features the world-renowned New York City Rockettes and Dancing with the Stars alum Derek Hough. I must admit that I didn’t have the highest expectations for this show. Hough plays an angel on a quest to finally earn his wings by helping a soon-to-be-laid-off walking tour guide keep his job as a technology company attempts to make the tours virtual and kick him to the curb. However, the show did turn out to be quite entertaining, even though it was heavy with clichéd humor and a predictable plot. BUT the dancing was great and there are famous New York personas featured via voiceovers and a giant screen that is utilized throughout the show. The cast sings and dances its heart out on an absolutely amazing set of NYC whilst interspersing with audience-friendly jokes about Twitter and keeping up with the times. Kids and adults can all find something to enjoy with this fun show.

Next up was Chicago playing at the Ambassador Theatre in Times Square. Somehow I’ve made it up to now without ever having seen the Oscar-winning film or knowing absolutely anything about the plot.

photo-brent-1-thAs the tagline suggests, Chicago has everything that makes Broadway great – a universal tale of fame, fortune, and “all that jazz”. An incredible show that keeps you entertained from start to finish. There is no set and barely any props for that matter, but the dancers and live orchestra (situated on stage) provide all of the “jazz” to make the two and a half hour show fly by with ease as you follow the trials and celebrities of the infamous Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. Fans of the film and novices like myself are bound to enjoy every minute! ‘

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