Review – COLAB Dry Shampoo

“Take two bottles into the shower”, the old ad used to go, advocating a one-bottle solution to the time-sapping task of washing hair. Well, sometimes, these days, you don’t even have time for that one bottle. Fortunately, dry shampoo has been around for a while now and we know that we love it. It’s the brilliant time saver for those days when you need a quick refresh without the hassle of blow drying, straightening, etc.


And just when we were bemoaning the lack of variety in the dry shampoo market, Colab’s™ breakthrough range came along. In five delightful fragrances it not only gave us the variety we craved but filled the gap for a residue free, high-performance dry shampoo. Model, Ruth Crilly, and her dynamic team of beauty insiders really did create an amazing product to refresh and revive our locks anywhere, anytime.

Not content to stop there, Ruth and her team have now gone one step further and plumped up their range (boom boom) with the new Colab Extreme Volume collection. So not only are you getting clean hair without the time and effort, you are also getting body, height and volume thrown into the mix.

The Extreme Volume range refreshes your roots, but also contains special plumping powder, which means you can create immediate backcombed volume, texture and lift. And as with the Sheer + Invisible range, it comes in 500ml and 200ml sizes, ideal for any sized handbag. And… and… and… there are still five fantastic fragrances to choose from, each embodying fashion capital chic: London, Paris, New York, Rio and Tokyo. So wherever you are in the world your handbag and your hair are travelling to, there’s a dry shampoo to suit.

ColabExtreme Volume Dry Shampoo is available from Feel Unique, Beauty Mart and Superdrug nationwide.





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