Recipe – Tropical Jelly with Peach and Raspberry Coulis

What lies in a pram and wobbles? A JELLY BABY!

Here is a vegetarian recipe for ‘tropical jelly with peach and raspberry coulis’ – and why ever not?


500ml/18fl oz white grape or apple juice
1 sachet of Vegegel (eg Dr Oetker from most large supermarkets) OR 1 tsp agar powder from health food shops
½ tin mandarin segments
1 large kiwi fruit
125g/4oz white seedless grapes
Caster sugar or agave syrup to sweeten

½ tin peach halves in fruit juice (without added sugar) – drain and set the juice aside for later
50g/2oz frozen raspberries
Agave syrup or caster sugar to sweeten raspberries if desired

Tropical Jelly with Rasp Coulis


  1. Peel the kiwi, cut it into small pieces and halve the grapes. Divide the kiwi, grapes and mandarin segments between four bowls. Porcelain bowls are best if you want to turn the jellies out for serving.
  2. Follow the Vegegel instructions to make the jelly with the juice. Alternatively, add the agar powder. Heat the grape/apple juice gently until boiling point, stirring to ensure the vegegel/agar is well dissolved. Taste and add sweetener of your choice if you wish. Make sure this is well dissolved also.
  3. Pour the warmed juice over the fruit and let the jellies sit in a cool place. Once they have cooled down, chill them in the fridge for one hour.
  4. Meanwhile, to make the fruit coulis, blend the peach halves with a hand blender and set the puree aside.
  5. Liquidise the frozen raspberries with a little of the peach juice. Sweeten the raspberries a little more with the agave syrup or caster sugar if too tart for your taste. .
  6. When the jellies are set, turn out each one onto an individual large plate. Spoon each fruit coulis around artistically and serve.

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