Grow for Flavour – James Wong

I have lived in London for over 25 years and never anywhere with a garden so have always taken full advantage of my windowsills, doorsteps and/or balcony areas that I have. It’s wonderful having living things outside of your window or front door. It may be a small lavender or rosemary in a pot, a bay tree, salad leaves on your window sill, strawberries in a hanging basket but whatever they are you will find that you soon become very protective over them and want them to grow as strong and healthy as they can. If you’re getting at least one of your five a day and are able to grow it yourself, why not make it the most nutritious and delicious it can be?


James Wong has a new book ‘Grow for Flavour’, in it he tells us the best way to transform the flavour of our homegrown fruits and veggies. It’s full of colourful photographs and fun illustrations making it a delight to flick through and inspire you to cook and eat colourfully (which we all know is the most healthy way). Introducing you to crops you may not know (which will win you prizes at dinner parties!) and scattered with recipes throughout.

9183j32csBL‘According to Kew-trained botanist and best-selling garden writer James Wong, far from guaranteeing us superior eating quality, some growing practices actively conspire to water down crop flavour, delivering measurably worse results.


Turning the tables on standard horticultural advice, James’s radical new approach was developed through his review of over 2,000 scientific studies from around the world, translating the geek speak into a simple set of tips and tricks that even the newbie grower can master. Personally trialing and tasting hundreds of varieties in a mammoth flavour experiment. James’s system as explored in this book, will arm you with the tools and techniques to supercharge the flavor of your homegrown harvests. The best part? This unique approach just happens to involve generally both LESS effort and input than standard techniques, giving you MAXIMUM flavour with minimum labour.


With 36 really simple recipes for delicious ways to eat what you’ve grown, a wealth of gloriously vibrant photography by the award-winning Jason Ingram and super-fresh artworks by Toby Leigh, the book will inspire a new generation to get out into the garden. So what on earth are you waiting for?’

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