My Top 5 films to see this awards season

Here’s our guide to the films to watch over this awards season….


The Theory of Everything.  Based on the book by Stephen Hawking’s first wife, Jane, about their life together. It’s a beautifully shot and thought provoking film with superb performances by Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne. Redmayne has to be the favourite for the Best Actor in a Leading Role at next week’s Oscar ceremony after he’s stormed other awards, including the BAFTAs.


Birdman. Michael Keaton (remember the very first Batman from 1989’s film?) seems to be having a resurgence in this film about a washed up actor, who had previously played a superhero, battling his ego and bring his family together in the lead up to the opening of a play.  Keaton is up against Eddie Redmayne in the acting category – he won the Golden Globe for Actor in a comedy or musical.



Boyhood.  Following a limited release, Richard Linklater’s experimental film, which was made over 12 years, has been storming the awards shows. It follows Mason from 5 to 18 years.  Patricia Arquette is one to watch for Supporting Actress and look out for this in the Best Film category.


Whiplash.  JK Simmons excels in his role as a professor who will stop at nothing to realise the potential of his student at a music conservatory.  Surely, he’ll win Supporting Actor?


Selma. A film that was controversially missed in the nominations, the story of Martin Luther King’s protest march to secure equal rights from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965.  British actor David Oyelowo’s performance is outstanding and surely deserved a nod.





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