Review – Purifyne Immunity Juice Pack

Whether it’s the time of year for viruses to be rife or you’re just feeling a bit under the weather, a simple solution could be boosting your immune system via the power of juice. Purifyne deliver their 3 day Immunity Juice pack of 6 juices direct to your door (2 per day) and the bottles are easy enough to take to work thus boosting your system plus ensuring you are fully covered for your 5 a day.

PURIFYNEMorning liver bliss: carrot, apple, beetroot, ginger

Why Morning Liver Bliss?

Packed full of Vitamin C-rich plants, Vitamin C is required for at least 300 metabolic functions in the body and has been shown to neutralise damaged cell wall. Helps maintain the body’s internal climate providing bio-available nutrients supporting pH balance and healthy bacteria. A good source of beta carotene – supporting the body’s mucous membrane, lining the respiratory and intestinal tracts.


Very berry: carrot, apple, celery, blueberry, blackberry, mint

Why Very Berry?

This juice has super immune boosting properties containing vitamin C and A rich ingredients, Helps detoxify the body’s major organs and enhances the function of immunity- giving white blood cells.Rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A so increasing the power of the immune system.


Green supreme: apple, cucumber, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger

Why Green Supreme?

Packed with immune-boosting foods that contain high levels of vitamin C providing a powerful antioxidant punch. Bio-available nutrients supporting different areas of the immune system. Provides magnesium, and vitamin B6, which play important roles in optimal immune health.


Pure green: cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, lime, lemon

Why Pure Green?

Contains dark-coloured produce – potent antioxidants protecting cells from damage by environmental toxins. Packed with vitamin C promoting white blood cell and antibody production, which help fight off foreign invaders. Facilitates detoxification and enhances the function of immunity giving white blood cells.Consisting of leafy vegetables with sulphur-containing compounds which boost the immune response and have also been linked to cancer prevention.

Sweet digestion: carrot, pineapple, ginger, cinnamon

Why Sweet Digestion?

Provides antiviral, anti fungal, and antibacterial rich ingredients which really help boost the immune system. Rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A, increasing the power of the immune system. Cleanses the body’s major organs and is effective in countering inflammatory responses.


Thrive: carrot, apple, ginger

Why Thrive?

Contains organic compounds which have been shown to supercharge the immune system fighting off infections. Packed with beta-carotene, a powerful phytonutrient that boosts the immune system’s production of infection-fighting natural killer cells and T cells.n Enhances the protective functions of the immune system with anti inflammatory compounds.  







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