My Top 5 – Things to do this January

I don’t know about you but for me New Year isn’t just about trying to put resolutions into practice, but also to start afresh with a clean slate and perhaps adopt the phrase ‘start as you mean to go on’. I’ve started my New Year with a few things I hope will continue but unlike my usual resolutions I’m not going to punish myself if I don’t keep to them everyday. I don’t have the time to give to many new practices, however, I am giving a small amount of time/energy/headspace to at least one of my New Year wishes each week and I am already starting to feel more in control of my life and even feeling a couple of steps ahead (occasionally).

Declutter – I have this on my constant to-do list but always find it so hard to devote time to it. Now I have put a box in my hallway where clothes, books, kitchenware, and anything can go into. And once it’s full I take it all to the charity shop – I’m already nine trips in.

meal planner

Meal Plans – We all lead busy lives – running a home, children, jobs, family, social life and much more and it’s all too easy to grab food on the go. I have put into place recently a ‘Meal Plan’ so I know exactly what I’m cooking and eating each day, then I can shop for precisely what I need and cut down on the waste. If you make a shopping list alongside the plan you won’t be tempted to stray down aisles in the supermarket you don’t need to. Why not see how much you save over the coming month by doing this? I work to a two-week plan (frankly I can’t think further than that!) then at least I don’t end up eating the same dishes week in week out.


Budget planner – This leads me swiftly on to getting on top of my finances at which I am notoriously bad. However, since downloading the Money Dashboard app on my iPhone I am starting to see the patterns in my spending that I can change and adjust.


Mindfulness – Taking a moment out of my day for some calm is something I am also trying to focus on. I look after a lot of people in my everyday life and want to prioritise taking a moment for me too. This Headspace app (also on my iPhone) has a ‘Take 10’ series that is just for 10 minutes a day. That’s not a lot of time to take out from a busy schedule to breathe is it? 


Be more aware – I want to feel more aware of what is going on in the world. Usually the Sunday paper lasts me a whole week by the time I’ve sat down to read it. This genius weekly publication in ‘The Week‘ (available by subscription in hard copy form that you receive every Friday plus it’s also downloadable, again on your smartphone) compiles snippets of the best news stories from home and abroad. It includes all topics from politics to literature to sports, including the bizarre and the ridiculous. Informative and easy to read.

Happy January!



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