Review – Slava’s Snowshow, London

Slava’s Snowshow returned to the Southbank Centre in London last night for it’s fourth year running, and truly deserves to return again for at least the next forty years in my opinion, it really is a magical show.


Slava’s Snowshow¬†to me is more of an experience, I don’t want to spoil it for future audience members but you really are drawn into Slava’s world of clowning, music, colour, balloons, wind, snow, laughter and so much more. It almost feels as though all of your senses are involved.


The audience comprised of all ages and equally enjoyed by everyone and none of us wanted to leave at the end (when you see it you’ll know why). The humour is delightful and the clowns so endearing, on a bad day it would be great to have one of these guys around the house, you really can’t help but smile.


The spirit of Christmas is definitely in full flow, and with no snow in London forecast this Christmas, at Slava’s Snowshow you will find it in abundance! Try to see it; I can’t think who wouldn’t enjoy it.

Playing until January 5th at the Royal Festival Hall.

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