Review – Mimi’s Bakehouse, Edinburgh

Emma, our Edinburgh arm (and eyes and ears) of Team DC went to try out Mimi’s Bakehouse, she wasn’t disappointed:

set_1_grandeIf you were to sit down and devise a dream tearoom, it would almost certainly turn out something like Mimi’s Bakehouse in Edinburgh. Mimi’s is not a secret. This fabulous, family-run tearoom, situated at Edinburgh’s Shore area, is highly popular and often packed. That’s because savvy Edinburger’s know that this is the place to come, whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, high tea or cake. In fact, this is definitely the place to come to if you are looking for cake.


You can sit down to your soup with fresh, home-baked bread, which will be delicious, but it’s certain that your mind will be fast tracking to what you are going to choose from the supermodel baking selection in the corner. Will it be chocolate Bounty cake, chocolate Oreo cake, raspberry brownie, Miracle Slice, Malteser cake, Mars Bar cake, red velvet cupcakes or carrot cake? The selections are ever changing and ever amazing. Every time I visit, there is a different treat to choose from.

set_5_grandeInside Mimi’s Bakehouse you really feel like you are in a proper tearoom. Every detail of the interior seems to be as carefully considered as the cake decorations. Plush pink and black armchairs sit alongside more traditional seating, and Parisian style lamps make you feel…well…kind of Parisian.


And the good news for those with bubs is that there is loads of room for your little ones. In fact, bring your baby and feed them cake is probably the unofficial motto of Mimi’s Bakehouse. And not content with all that, they also do wedding cakes, private functions and an online delivery service. So, if you can’t go, let the cakes come to you.

Booking is highly recommended.


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