Review – Magners Light Irish Cider

When I was a student I used to love a cider (who didn’t?) but as I’ve gotten older I’ve tended to be drawn more towards a Cosmopolitan (blame Sex and the City) or a Martini (blame Bond). However, at Christmas time a hot apple spiced cider (especially if I’m in New York) really does the trick.

330ml Orch Berry LIGHT Bottle

Being the season of drinks parties and events, plus canapés or full-blown dinner dates it gets tricky trying to curb the calories with all the offerings around us. So I tried out some Magners Light, which is a low calorie Irish Cider in Orchard Berries (also available in Pear light), and it is surprisingly delicious.


The calorie content in a Magners Light is just 103 per bottle, and the ABV only 4% too, I found it a really refreshing fruity alternative to a wine or prosecco which I would normally choose if meeting friends in a bar. I didn’t get silly (like I did with cider in the past!) and I like knowing that it has 30% less calories than a regular cider so something I would choose in future. It didn’t quite work for me as a hot cider but definitely does as a cold one…!

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