Hamper Review – The Belgravia, Harrods London

The Belgravia is an essential assemblage for the discerning gourmet. The oenophile will relish the six select wines, ranging from zesty whites to rich reds, while those with a penchant for superb produce will enjoy the olive oils, chutneys, preserves and biscuits. A hamper around which to design your pantry.’


Who doesn’t love a hamper at Christmas? A box or basket full of treats that you would never usually buy yourself filled with: preserves, chutneys, biscuits for cheese, fine wines, decadent oils and cheeky sweets such as Turkish Delight, Harrods Gold Bar and chocolate covered coffee discs… mmm…

hamper1What I particularly love about The Belgravia is that it really is full of store cupboard (albeit luxurious) essentials. Usually in a hamper I find there are a few items that I can’t wait to give away as they are so far out of the ordinary I wouldn’t know when or how I would eat them. Everything in The Belgravia you can put in your cupboards and use throughout the year; Truffle infused Olive Oil isn’t something I would use at dinner every night but what a fabulous way to liven up a pasta dish or salad? Mustards, piccalilli, selections of tea, breakfast coffee, the list goes on.


It’s the stalwart you want to have in your pantry especially over the holidays when you realise you have an extra mouth to feed, or you’ve forgotten something in your grocery order or you just want to give that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ to a dish or the table.

The Belgravia really one of the best, most useable hampers I’ve had the pleasure to try.


If you are ordering as a corporate gift please contact corporate services here who will be more than happy to help with your needs: corporate.service@harrods.com

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