The Happenstance Bar & Restaurant, London

I went for brunch at The Happenstance Bar & Restaurant with my oldest (as in length of time not age) friend a couple of weekends ago.


We don’t see each other enough and The Happenstance was the perfect spot to meet, being located bang in front of St Paul’s Cathedral it’s easy to describe to someone where you are as well as being a great backdrop while you eat or drink.

ExteriorWhat fantastic design inside, I loved it! Great lighting, seating, space, and decor – everything was thought out. Even down to the comfy leather seats with a (Happenstance) fleece blanket if needed (seriously I’m surprised we’re not still there!).

bar seatingBeing based in the City of London, like many bars it will have two different clientele, the weekdays busy with people who work locally and the weekend filled more with tourists, but equally catered for.


We had a great brunch; very good food, great coffee, fabulous service and the most delicious (if a little decadent at 12pm on a Saturday) cocktails. We had to go for the Breakfast Club 1985 as it was the closest in time to the year we’ve known each other since *cheers*

pic2City PA’s you are a lucky bunch, do take advantage of The Happenstance if you’re close by, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I can’t wait to go back.

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