Film Review – Paddington

Becky from Team DC was lucky enough to go to the Paddington Premiere in Leicester Square, London last week:

On Sunday I felt like Charlie Bucket with the Golden Ticket, except I wasn’t going to meet Willy Wonka I was going to see the bear I’d been familiar with since he appeared on the very first birthday card my parents gave me. Paddington Bear.


I had a ticket to the World Premiere and I was giddy as a kipper!! There aren’t many times a mere mortal can walk down the red carpet let alone walk through Deepest Peru to get there! Once in our seats we were met with our very own cuddly Paddington and MARMALADE SANDWICHES. Maybe you didn’t get that the first time… MARMALADE. SANDWICHES. I was in seventh heaven watching all the celebrities arrive on the huge screen at ODEON Leicester Square munching on those marmalade sandwiches!! Even Keith Urban was eating marmalade sandwiches waiting for his wife, Nicole Kidman, to join him in the royal circle. Surreal doesn’t quite cover it.

After presentations and the most touching standing ovation for Michael Bond, Paddington’s creator, the film began….

Paddington is as warm and cuddly a film as the bear himself. It’s one of those rare gems that David Heyman, the producer, has created; like Harry Potter it’s the pitch perfect family film. It introduces us to Darkest Peru and a hyper-reality version of London where houses are pastel shades and pigeons make friends with the lost and found at railway stations.


Paddington (voiced by Ben Wishaw), so named, after the railway station in London where the Brown family first encounter him, is taken in and soon starts creating havoc. Unbeknownst to the Browns or Paddington a villainous taxidermist (Nicole Kidman) is after the rare marmalade eating bear for her collection.

It’s a soothing, heart-warming way to spend a cold winter’s afternoon and will raise laughter with old and young alike.

The film opened in cinemas across the UK November 28th.





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