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Award-winning beauty brand Mel Millis has unveiled four facial products – Phytonutri Qi Plankton Skin Remedy cleanser, a Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel, moisturising Phytonutri Qi Enriching Sea Plant Jelly and an oil serum, the Phytonutri Qi Enhancing Arctic Essence – which make up the new Phytonutrient Qi range.


Tracey Foy, founder of Mel Millis (a 2014 Janey Lee Grace Platinum Award Winner for its Organic Phytonutri, Neroli & Baobab Re-Energising Face Oil) says she created the Phytonutri Qi line, inspired by the power of natural ingredients from sources as diverse as the Arctic to the Atlantic Ocean.


Every Mel Millis product is alcohol-free, made in the UK and cruelty-free and harnesses a diverse handpicked line-up of the purest, freshest, nutrient-rich ingredients to deliver visible results.

The packaging is absolutely unique, taking the sustainable concept right back into the garden. Mel Millis’ recyclable mini gift bags have wild flower seeds embedded in the carton paper, which can be sown to produce a mini-crop of colourful flowers for the garden or window box.


I recently tried out this award-winning skincare line and it is quite incredible. The ingredients are extremely high quality, and very powerful, you use the tiniest amount and can see quite quickly the difference it makes. If you are like me in that when you have something so luxurious you want to use it sparingly so it lasts forever, I found with this range you don’t have to be quite so minimal with it as a tiny amount goes such a long way. The smells are incredible and my favourite had to be the Plankton Skin Remedy. It can be used as a cleanser or as a mask, I use it as a weekly mask and as it contains cocoa it really isn’t a chore…! Something that smells of chocolate in turn feels rather decadent when put on the face and my face loves it (mmm, I wonder why…?).


Mel Millis really is a British gem. Flying the flag for British eco-luxe skincare, Mel Millis celebrated another win earlier this year – a Bronze Award in the 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards – and well deserved I say.

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