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Not a diet but a way of life, food and exercise all based on your own DNA. Sounds simple and straightforward doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

Sample Pure Package ReportWe’ve all tried numerous diets, me included: blood type, low carb, high protein, calorie counting, digestive biscuits, bananas and milk (I know!) the list is longer than the alphabet a hundred times over. Some diets seem as if they work for a time, some don’t seem to shift anything, some just make you feel light-headed, dizzy and thus make you go and chow more than your body weight in pasta to make up for the ludicrous amount of calories you’ve tried to live on for *cough * half a day.


DNAFit is an individual programme made for you by analysing your genes. Do you feel bloated after eating too many carbs? Do you put weight on quickly after eating the smallest of fatty foods? I bet you haven’t thought that it could be because you are genetically sensitive to some types of foods. DNAFit tests 45 gene variants scientifically linked to the body’s capacity to respond to training and nutrition. I found it fascinating and it answered questions that I had about my own nutrition, exercise and reasoning.

You are sent a swab kit, which you then send back to the lab. Two weeks later you receive the (very comprehensive) results. Mine was 29 pages long. There is a lot of scientific findings that I didn’t understand, however I then met with British Olympic Athlete Andrew Steele who talked me through my report in more simple terms. He is also part of the DNAFit team after trying it during his own training then adapting the results himself.


It all makes complete sense. What you are lacking in, what you need more of, what your body can/can’t tolerate. How your body recovers after exercise, what exercise your body should be doing. What minerals your body doesn’t produce that you need to gain from somewhere else, how your body deals with toxins and what foods you should include to combat that.

Where diets have failed before because of body type/blood type/intolerances/ etc this, I believe is what we should listen to. We are told after all to ‘listen to our bodies’, and this is a bespoke programme made only for YOU because it is made FROM you. The DNAFit test is also used by the London bespoke food delivery service Pure Package and Celebrity trainer Matt Roberts so they too can give clients the best possible individual programme.



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