Beauty Review – LDN:SKINS Tan

Summer may be long gone but party season is almost here. If you like to maintain that healthy ‘I just came back from somewhere super exotic’ glow, or perhaps you are more like me and need to ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ when it comes to all things tanned. Then LDN:SKINS may be the one for you.

LDNSKINS Foaming Exfoliator £13.75

It’s so easy once the evenings draw in quicker to go seek out that dark space in your wardrobe that holds everything which covers everything on your body and let it all go underneath until the possibility of at least a city break where you have reason to wear a short sleeve again. But whether or not you’re the person who likes to go on a night out and show off your bare limbs, there is something quite satisfying about seeing a tanned ankle or arm even if just in your gym wear. It reminds you of sunshine and for me automatically makes me feel happier and healthier and possibly in my own little way ward off that SAD feeling that hangs over through Autumn/Winter.

LDNSKINS Gradual Tan Lotion Tone 1 £22.00
LDN:SKINS have a great range of products that you can use at home but will give you the salon look that some other tan products don’t. They are made from premium organic products, available in salons and online. There is a product to suit every skin type and colour, ranging from tones 1-3. Of course they recommend you exfoliate and get rid of all that dry, grey skin before applying the self-tan lotion. It comes with a mit, I’m a big fan of ‘the mit’, it makes the application so much smoother and means you don’t get that awful brown hand/brown cuticle look which stays much longer than the tan you meant to get evenly on your legs!

LDNSKINS Gift Set Tone 2 £27.95It has a nice smell (a signature English Lavender fragrance), easy application dries quickly so you don’t feel as though you have wait for ages before getting dressed and gives a really nice radiant, healthy colour. It fades gradually and evenly until you want to top it up again.

So, party legs at the ready!

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