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This week Emma from Team DC tells us about the delicious organic skincare range ‘Yours Truly Organics‘ she has been trying out:

‘Just because you are all classy and sophisticated (yes, you are) it doesn’t mean that you don’t sometimes suffer from problem skin. And, although acne might be a teenage memory for many, there are often scars and blemishes left behind which serve as a reminder. I know, I am bothered by some of these problems too. So what can you do about it?


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Well, whether you suffer from one or all of the above, there is a brand new range of skincare, designed specifically for those with oily or blemish-prone skin or who suffer from acne and the resulting scarring. It’s also completely natural and organic.

The Yours Truly Organics range consists of four products for your beauty regime: Take it Away! Gel cleanser; Balancing Toner; Fix Me Repairing Serum and Face Base Face Balm.

The gel cleanser is enriched with vitamin C and Sandalwood oil, which is known for its antibacterial and softening qualities. It is a lovely natural orange colour and has a fresh, zingy orangey smell that is a great way to wake your skin up in the morning. My face felt cleansed but not tight in the way some cleansers can leave it.


After cleansing, spritz your face with the refreshing toner that is a nifty blend of aloe vera and witch hazel. This provides hydration and returns your skin to its optimum pH level. I loved the fresh, natural smell. It transported me to a country meadow with a babbling stream and rabbits and… oh, sorry…back to the regime.

The next step of the Yours Truly Organics ritual is the serum, to repair, smooth and brighten your skin. It’s enriched with oats, argan oil and palmetto extracts to ensure that sebum production and bacterial breakouts are reduced. And I have to say, I was not bothered once by oiliness or spottiness during the time I used this product.

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Finally, lavish yourself with the Face Base face balm. I did and loved how enriched my skin felt. This nourishing blend has daisy flower extract to brighten your complexion and pea extract to improve your skin’s elasticity. It’s a great base for make-up that sits perfectly on top.

My skin felt fresh and clean each day I used these Yours Truly Organics products. They are also great value as a little really does seem to go a long way and I still have more than half left in each bottle after 6 weeks of use. Although not a cure for deep acne scarring, this range is great for stopping pimple breakouts and ensuring you stay glowing – but in a shine free way – all day long.’

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