Review – Royal China Bubble Pearl Drinks

Royal China Restaurant on Baker Street serves traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes. A stalwart on Baker Street and every time I’ve been there it’s been hugely busy (always book ahead). They have an authentic Chinese menu throughout the day and evening, we went at lunchtime and had a very quick Dim Sum lunch service, ideal if you only have an hour and want something a little different from your regular sandwich but concerned you won’t have time – here you will!

Dim Sum at Royal China

However, we really went to try out the bubble tea which seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment. At Royal China you have the choice of a mocktail or a cocktail version, as it was lunchtime we thought we’d better stick with the softer option.

Bubble Tea at Royal China

All the bubble teas are made with fresh fruit, with flavours including: lychee, coconut, passion fruit and strawberry. Then these Taiwanese inspired drinks contain filled balls of fruit juice at the bottom of the glass too that appear in your mouth (through a larger size tube) to give another burst of flavour. I had mango with mango bubbles, it really was a sweet juicy hit in the mouth. My guest Linda mixed it up a little and tried passion fruit with mango bubbles, both as delicious as the other.

Bubble Tea at Roya China 2

They are fun and sweet, a little bit different from your regular fruit drink and you can easily make them a little more ‘adult’ by adding a shot of gin, rum or vodka.

Interior of Royal China Baker Street

They certainly gave us some giggles between our Dim Sum dishes, and we didn’t need a dessert after them either so much kinder to the waistline.

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