My Top 5 – Laura Wade – Writer

Laura Wade writer of POSH and currently in cinemas the movie The Riot Club shares with us her top 5 rituals when sitting down to write a play or screenplay:

Laura Photo

1.  Cup of tea. Milk no sugar, please.

2.  A clicky pencil and always the same type of notebook. Lined A5 spiral Pukka Pad, since you ask.

3.  A room that’s quiet but not silent. No music or radio, it’s too interesting. But hearing life going on in the rest of the house is nice.

4.  The cat curled up nearby, quietly judging me if I get up to make another tea too soon.

5.  A great idea for a story and the burning need to write it.  Without that, the rest of my job is just a stationery fetish.

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