Beauty – MAD Beauty and Kellogg’s

Who doesn’t love those iconic Kellogg’s images? They remind me of childhood breakfast tables, my own and now my daughter’s, and when I go travelling it’s always such a delight to see these homegrown products in supermarkets too.


“We have all grown up with Kellogg’s Frosties, Rice Krispies and so many of their images evoke a strong feeling of nostalgia – even with some that were in circulation before many of us were born,” says MAD Beauty’s creative director Julia Cash. “They just seem to have the ability to trigger a sense of instant recognition. MAD Beauty’s mission statement is ‘serious about making cosmetics fun’, and this just hit the right note.”

The company has named its first selections ‘Decades’ which Julia says simply describes how MAD Beauty will be bringing products to the market. “We have taken images from the 50’s and 70’s and applied them to a range of cosmetic related products.” Whether you’re after Fifties Vintage or Seventies Retro, the collection offers a range of beauty products from flavoured lip balms, beauty bags, manicure sets and bath essentials.

The collection highlights a synergy between MAD Beauty and the Kellogg Company. “Kellogg proudly state that they provide families with ‘better breakfasts that lead to better days’, and, at MAD Beauty, we’re happy to offer products that aim to continue that ‘better day’ feeling with our exclusive range of cosmetics and bath products that are decorated with the Vintage Kellogg’s imagery. Our aim, after all, has always been to create products that make people smile!”

Whether you’re after Vintage Bath Milks & Manicure sets or Retro Mirrors and Make Up bags this must-have collaboration offers something for everything.

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