Film Review – The Riot Club

I had read that The Riot Club was based on a fictional historical society at Oxford University, made up of 10 uber privileged students educated at the top schools in the country who were chosen and initiated to be part of a club where legacy and reputation go before them.


What I didn’t know was how quickly I would become embroiled into following the journey of two first year students who were invited to join the infamous riot club to fill the two empty places left by those already graduated. Miles and Alastair (respectively Max Irons and Sam Claflin) go through hilarious yet toe curling initiations and their acceptance to the club a fairly shocking one too.

However, not as shocking as this group of spoilt wealthy students taking over a family run pub in the oxfordshire countryside ‘we’re banned from everywhere else mate’ for their club dinner.

searchThe evening begins with the ten members arriving in their bespoke club uniforms, fast spiralling into a night of heavy drinking, drugs, speeches and declarations of their rights as the chosen ones. These bigoted, single-minded villainous characters are disgusting yet fascinating, with stand out performances all around.

This film makes you think heavily about those people who we assume to be part of an ‘old boys network’ who seem to get away with everything in life, as quoted in the script ‘people like us don’t make mistakes’.

A fantastic script, the pace is speedy and the cast is stellar. Definitely recommended.




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