Beauty Review – Flint + Flint

While we have all been busy enjoying the summer, those clever people at Skin Health Spa have been hard at work creating a unique skin care range that will make us feel beautiful, even if the weather isn’t. This special range, Flint + Flint which contains nine amazing skin boosting products, is made right here in England. So the price you pay is for quality and nothing else.


There is so much choice, and all as deliciously sounding as the next;  Flint + Flint Moisturiser with raspberry seed oil (mmmm!) and a stress busting antioxidant system. Moisturiser 3x with collagen boosting, pigmentation reducing and anti-ageing properties. Serum to revitalise dull skin. SPF 30 Primer to improve hydration and tighten wrinkles. Glycolic Cleanser to remove dead skin cells and relieve congestion… You get the drift?

I tried out the Serum and Lip Hero. The idea with the Serum is that you use it under your moisturiser and amazing ingredients like atoligomer and Borage oil energise, nourish and repair while you go about your daily life. In case you don’t know, Borage oil is rich in Omega 6, which is brilliant at treating dry and damaged skin tissue. After applying the serum, my skin felt so amazingly smooth that I just wanted to stroke it all day. And my foundation glided on like nobody’s business. It’s super impressive stuff.

Lip Hero

Lip Hero couldn’t be more welcome into my life. My lips get really dry when the seasons change, so this smoothing, replenishing and hydrating balm was exactly what I needed. It also contains collagen-boosting properties so you can get that Angelina look without the risk of trout pout or a busted bank balance. Not only that, it has another peptide to improve your lips’ texture and shape whilst hydrating and softening. Lip Hero truly felt like an overcoat for my lips. Not enough to stop me talking though.

Flint + Flint has been created by experts who are passionate about skin care. It’s a small range with a lot of magic in each bottle, including twenty years industry experience and ample love and care. If you aren’t entirely satisfied you can ask for your money back. But my guess is you will be too busy stroking your face and gazing at your gorgeous lips to need to.

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