Review – Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola

Back to school and getting Minx to eat a healthy breakfast is more difficult than getting her out of bed in the first place; so to find something that she LOVES but that I approve of too is a tall order… until we discovered this little granola miracle. Lizi’s Granola is already a healthy and tasty cereal but now they’ve launched a low sugar version too – even better. Yay!


Everyone seems to be pretty serious about eating less sugar stuff at the moment – sugar is everywhere and it’s not exactly good news… so swapping our cereal for one with less sugar is a no brainer, but Minx and I were very pleased to learn that less sugar granola doesn’t mean less flavour granola.

You can have granola in all sorts of ways – on it’s own, on fruit, yoghurt, or just with milk. Minx mixed things up a little and had hers with her yoghurt and some fruit for breakfast. (ten ‘Mum’ points to me for getting one of her 5-a-day in before 9am) Lizi’s granola is great, full of flavour, perfectly crunchy and really tasty. It definitely fills the gap through to snack time and I feel happy knowing she’s not overloaded with sugar and e-numbers before I send her off to school.

GranolaBut shhh… Don’t tell her I’m so pleased about it or she’ll probably change her mind about liking it so much!

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