Disneyland Paris- Ratatouille The Adventure


My daughter and I went to Disneyland Paris over the summer holidays (yes we went last year and yes we love it!), we both adore Paris and Disneyland so Disneyland Paris is the ultimate combination.


This year they have a new ride (and their 60th ride!); ‘Ratatouille The Adventure’, hurrah, and as fans of the movie we were intrigued to see how on earth the Disney magic would translate this into a ride.disneypic2

For those who don’t know Rémy is a young rat who dreams of becoming a great chef, nothing will stop him in following his dream and living in the sewer beneath the restaurant of the chef Auguste Gusteau gives him the opportunity he needs. Thus follows a story of adventure, courage and friendship – all this is translated into a Disneyland ride.


We began our journey collecting 3D glasses and climb into a ratmobile where we instantly feel shrunken down to the size of Rémy and friends. We then scurry through the kitchens and dining room of the restaurant, twisting, turning, stopping and starting to frantically avoid the busy chefs feet, mops and danger as they try to shoo us away. One of our favourite parts was scuttling beneath a cooker that you almost believe to be real especially when a chef turns up the burners and you feel the heat from the 3D flames above you.


You really don’t want it to end as you want to continue being on Rémy’s adventure but when it does it cleverly stops at the back of the restaurant ‘Bistrot Chez Rémy’ where the interior is designed as being over-sized so you still feel as though you are the size of Rémy. Giant dinner plates separate the booths, tabletops are fashioned from large condiment and bottle lids, and umbrellas over the tables are giant-sized cocktail umbrellas.


The attention to detail throughout is of course, Disney brilliance. We also ate in the restaurant, and with a set menu (three choices including a children’s menu) the service is fast, efficient and the food very good, especially pleasing if you want to take a breather from the fast food outlets or if you (and an eight year old!) just want to lengthen the Ratatouille experience a little longer – we certainly did.









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