Beauty Review – Braun Satin-Hair 7 Brush

Stephanie from Team DC volunteered to try out this super brush from Braun

‘When Donna asked if I wanted to review a ‘magic hair brush’, I wondered what on earth she was talking about. Turns out it was the ‘Braun Satin-Hair 7 Brush‘ with IONTEC (naturally). Anyway – I’m a sucker for anything ‘magic’ so said yes immediately. Now, I’m not the world’s most scientifically minded individual, so I’m not sure exactly what ‘ion technology’ is, let alone what it does. But in the name of science, beauty and hair care, I was prepared to find out.


When the brush arrived, I had a quick look at the instructions and read some of the info that came with it (because I’m a girl, and we do that). The basic idea from Braun is that this ultra-modern hairbrush fires ion particles – which I’ve decided to call the ‘anti-static jet stream’ – over the hairbrush and through your hair as you brush away like normal. You push a button and – hey presto! – No more frizz.

The size of the brush itself is fairly average, so it doesn’t take up any more space than usual, and it will still fit in your handbag. When you flick the button to turn it on, a little catch opens at the back of the brush, allowing the ion particles to shoot out. If you listen really carefully, it makes a tiny buzzing sound. The core part of the brush also glows bright green, proving it really is the sci-fi brush of choice for the 21st century gal. (Think ‘Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver’ for unruly locks).


So, armed with my futuristic Braun brush, I combed my hair and…My naughty flyaway bits were instantly eliminated! Yay! Without the need for water, mousse, wax, spray or any other kind of potentially short-lived, greasy or just plain icky products that tend to cause more problems than they solve, my hair was now smooth and shiny.

When I told my friends about this hair-wizardry, they were obviously curious, so I let them have a quick go with it too and it seemed to work on all of them; all different types of hair – long, short, straight, curly. They all noticed a decrease in that frizzy-static feeling (you know the one I mean) and our hair felt and looked much healthier.

So thanks to Braun science (or ‘magic’), for proving yet again that you can solve even the hairiest of issues.’


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