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Finding somewhere innovative for a few cocktails in London generally isn’t too difficult, as fab new places are popping up all the time – but I have to say that The Vaults at Voltaire is probably right up there on my list of cool ideas.

Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG Crowne Plaza City LondonVoltaire is a uniquely themed city-chic champagne and cocktail bar and the concept is awesome; an underground drinking den where your own personal guard escorts you to your vault and then spends the evening mixing up delicious jail-style cocktails for you. While this is going on, you can relax with friends and co-conspirators under lock and key. The vaults are designed to hold between 2-12 people and they even come with an iPod dock so you can choose the soundtrack to your temporary prison sentence. (Extra points for themed songs! Jailhouse Rock or anything by The Police ought to do it.)

Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG Crowne Plaza City LondonThe vaults themselves have air-con to keep you cool on those balmy sunny days behind bars, though it’s been particularly warm recently so it could probably have done with being turned up a bit! But The Vaults aren’t just for summer. During the winter, out come the heaters, which should make the whole experience very comfortable and cosy.

Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG Crowne Plaza City LondonOf course, no self-respecting cocktail bar would be complete without snacks and Voltaire does not disappoint. The menu is full of scrumptious treats and the portions are extremely generous, served by very attentive and polite staff. They also offer Cuban cigars but if the smoky atmosphere isn’t your thing, you can move inside to the large bar area which plays great music and would be a fab place to meet up for a quick post-work champagne cocktail. The music did seem pretty loud (we had to shout at each other!) but then again, I might just be getting old.

Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG Crowne Plaza City LondonAll in all, it’s a really fun night out and it’s a great venue for parties or groups if you’re looking for something a little unusual or fancy a break from the norm. So I say: Throw out your convictions and see if life behind bars suits you! After all, it would be criminal not to…

Intercontinental Hotels Group IHG Crowne Plaza City London

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