Review – Bounce, Ping Pong Bar and Restaurant in Holborn

Bounce has been operating since late 2012, and prides itself on being the first ‘Social Ping Pong Club’ in Europe. With a vibrant and fun atmosphere, it makes for an enjoyable night out any day of the week.


The layout is incredibly sleek and stylish, and mixes a total of 17 ping pong tables, with an impressive bar that pays homage to the Gin Palaces of the area from the 1820’s, as well as a wonderful pizza restaurant.

We headed to the restaurant at the back of the venue first to try their traditional Italian pizza and were not disappointed. The sharing bites sounded too tempting to pass up, so we began with a delicious goats’ cheese and caramelised red onion pizza bread, along with some red pepper humous and grissini bread sticks that were perfectly crunchy. We then moved on to the pizza which was freshly prepared and stone backed in an open flamed oven; the honey roasted butternut squash, with tender stem broccoli, ricotta, fresh chilli and pine nuts was a particularly tasty highlight of the menu. The food was washed down with some very lovely cocktails from the drinks menu that lists a number of classic cocktails, rejuvenated, and inspired by both the game of ping pong and the area of London itself.

Bounce Interiors-141After eating, it was time to move on to the game itself. You are escorted to your table, and provided bats, along with a bucket of ping pong balls. There are plenty of tables, but there is adequate space between each one to keep you from disturbing others, and vice versa – though depending on how badly you play, you might find yourself accidentally hitting a few balls across the room and on to other people’s tables.

OlympicEating and drinking is not limited to the restaurant area; someone is always on hand to help you throughout the game, by bringing drinks or snacks to keep you going. As the ping pong balls fly everywhere, there is also someone always walking round scooping them up, and refilling your pot to ensure there are no breaks in your game.

Whether a ping pong regular, or someone who has never played before, it’s the perfect venue to have a lot of fun… and dance away to the great selection of music playing.

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