Review – Fast Hair Growth Accelerator Shampoo & Conditioner

Stephanie of Team DC always had dreams of becoming Rapunzel so when asked to review a hair growth accelerator she jumped at the chance:

‘I have terrible hair. It’s true. Years of abuse with the hairdryer and straighteners have resulted in dry, fragile strands that snap off at the ends if you brush too hard. I had a few inches taken off a while ago to help try and get it back into decent shape and when my lovely hairdresser told me to stop scorching my hair so much, did I listen? No. Of course I didn’t. So then it was back to square one. It was cut short again and I really missed my long hair, so I hoped that if I used FAST shampoo and conditioner every day for 30 days, I’d be back to normal in no time. I was sceptical but here is my 30-day diary.


Day 1: I’m about to go and wash my hair but I want to make this a fair test, so I get out my tape measure and discover that my hair is 48.5cm long. Not too bad, really, but I’d love it to be longer. I jump in the shower, squeeze a blob of pearlescent green shampoo into my hand and lather it into my hair. It smells fresh and feels a little tingly on my scalp, which for some reason makes me think it must be working. The conditioner is a shimmery, rich, milky colour and again, smells really clean and fresh. When I’m done rinsing, drying and straightening (shh, don’t tell my hairdresser!) I’m left with really soft, supple hair. I measure again. Still 48.5cm. No surprises there, but a girl can dream!

Day 2: I repeat the shampoo, condition, rinse, dry, straighten cycle and then measure… 49cm! That’s half a centimetre in one day – surely that can’t be right?! It must be a fluke! I decide that my measuring skills are a bit rubbish but secretly feel very pleased anyway.

Day 7: Having performed the ritual again, I prepare myself for disappointment. The result? 51.5cm! That’s 3cm in 7 days! Even if my measuring skills are a bit off, that’s still quite a margin.

Day 14:I received my first compliment today! My hair has only grown another centimetre in the last 7 days to 52.5cm but I have had several comments about how healthy and shiny and smooth it looks. It feels a lot stronger too, despite my continued abuse with the straighteners…

Day 30: The final day of the experiment has arrived and my hair measures in at a whopping 54.5cm. That’s a growth of 6cm in 30 days. I haven’t done a comparable test so I don’t know how quickly my hair normally grows, but it’s definitely not as much as 6cm in one month.


So my verdict – It works! Not only is my hair considerably longer than it would have been, it generally seems to be more manageable and it looks great too – really shiny and healthy. Plus, there’s still loads of shampoo and conditioner left, which I very much intend to keep using…

It’s worth noting that FAST is designed to accelerate hair growth, but is not for helping with hair loss. So if you’ve had a bad haircut recently or just fancy a change of style and want it sooner rather than later then give FAST a try – you’ve got nothing to lose!’

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