The London Helicopter Sightseeing Tour

When you go to another major city such as New York, the first thing people always think of is should I book a helicopter sightseeing tour, I know because I’ve long thought about it myself (and I’ve been to New York a LOT of times and still haven’t done it!). So when I was asked by The London Helicopter to try theirs over our beautiful city I jumped at the chance!


They take off from Battersea Heliport every half an hour. You receive text message alerts asking you to call on the morning in case of weather cancellations. The morning I flew it was a bit overcast but not raining so I wondered how much visibility there would be once we were up in the air. It was brilliant, because you don’t fly as high as an aeroplane you don’t have to worry so much about not being able to see clearly (unless it’s really lashing down in which case your flight may be rescheduled just because they really want you to enjoy the experience).

DCHeliIt was AMAZING to see London below me almost as a Lego city. Everything perfectly formed yet tiny, all of those sights we see from the ground that I could now see from above. Prior to that the only ariel view of London I have had was squished against the window when coming in from an overseas trip and that’s usually accompanied by the feeling of ‘thank goodness’ and ‘I hope the traffic isn’t too heinous as I want to get back for the school run’.

heli 3

However, with this trip you get to sit back, take pictures with your ‘phone or camera (no bags on board), whilst wearing the headphones and trying to listen to the pilot pointing out places of interest. It was very noisy, as I had expected, bigger inside than I had thought, and a very cool experience. The tour lasts twenty minutes and follows the River Thames from Battersea along to Greenwich Observatory seeing all the sights including Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf and The Shard.

heli 2

I’d definitely recommend it as something different to introduce someone visiting our City for business or pleasure, an impressive way to start a business meeting or business relationship. Also, a fabulous gift to someone for a special occasion or just because… (My daughter really wants a go so that may be my ‘fabulous gift to someone).

heli 1

The London Helicopter is the UK’s first online helicopter booking tour, which makes it even easier to organise.

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